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Virtually all families who are wishing to adopt a child are asked to make a Family Book.  The book's main purpose is to introduce a family to other players in the field of the adoption: birth mothers who are considering adoption, attorneys, foster children, and adoption agencies. It is the family's first foot forward, and it may be the first impression others will receive. Yes, it is even a marketing tool.
While there are numerous resources available for people hoping to adopt, the creation of the Family Book is the one area where people are left on their own. Putting a synopsis of your life history in one volume with photos is a daunting task, particularly considering the desire to make it something special that stands out above the rest.
Anybody can make a scrapbook.
Make your Family Book the one people will remember, the one everybody is talking about. Books that are interactive (pull tabs with sliding pictures, pop-up images, scrolling text, etc.) delight the young and old alike. Explore these pages for ideas and then let us know your thoughts.
What about an on-line Family Book?!

Since some Family Books need a larger audience, we are expanding our talents to "build" a virtual book on line. Our exquisite web"book"pages can be used to effectively introduce you and your family to hundreds of interested people!