Welcome to the KazKat and Nikolay Photo Gallery!
Kitty has not sent updates in over a week, illustrating beautifully that no news is good news! Kitty has been very busy with Nikolay, visiting him at the orphanage, getting to know his caretakers and his friends, and meeting Steve at the airport in Almaty so he might join the party! Kitty made the time to send us the following photos until she has a few free minutes to write and then hit the "send" button. Check back soon!

The following Photo Gallery includes many pictures of Kitty and a special circle of friends of other adoptive families who are in Pavlodar at the same time. Other pictures show the many sides of Nikolay and are a delightful first step in getting to know him. No pictures of Kitty have been retouched - she really does look that happy and healthy.
Pregnant ladies aren't the only mamas who can glow!
Trips to and from the orphanage...
At the airport!
Quick! How do you say "Personal Shopper" in Russian?
Around town in Pavlodar...
Tank and Lenin statue
Russian Orthodox Church