u nique (yoo nek') adj. [Fr. < L. unicus, single < ,unus, ONE]  1. one and only;single; sole [a unique specimen]  2. having no like or equal; unparalleled [a unique achievement3. highly unusual, extraordinary, rare, etc.
  Our Commitment
Before any Family Book leaves our studio, it has to be perfect. It is that simple. No surprises, and that is a guarantee. All design elements, colors, paper, fabric, hinges, closures, clasps, etc. will be approved by the buyer before construction of the book even begins. A deposit  for materials is paid with a signed contract, with the remainder due on delivery.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the book for a full refund, and we'll pay the shipping both ways. (It hasn't ever happened, so we can afford to keep making the offer...) Our only advertising is via our customers and this site, so your satisfaction is paramount to us.
The Process
Please submit your request for our consideration. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss Your Book. Depending on materials and style of book, you should plan on spending $500 to $1000 for a completed Family Book.
Some Family Books can have multiple copies made, but this may be dependent on book style and materials chosen.
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