Dear Adoptive Parent(s)!                                                                                                          October 21, 2004

I have just returned from a visit to Kazakhstan with an interesting idea to report regarding post-placement programs.  As you may know, Kazakhstan regulations require that adoptive parents provide the Kazakhstan government with annual reports on our adopted child or children until they are 18.  (You may have signed an agreement for a different schedule of reports, but that is what the current regulations say.)  These reports are increasingly being used as evidence of successful adoptions to help pave the way for others hoping to adopt from Kazakhstan.  Similarly, lack of post-placement reports tends to fuel concerns that children adopted from Kazakhstan are not being adequately cared for.  Unfortunately, the time and cost associated with these reports means that many reports are being turned in late or not at all.
In an effort to increase the number of post-placement reports as well as to help families reduce post-placement costs, the Pavlodar region would like to know whether families would be interested in replacing one of the two annual reports prepared by a social worker with one prepared by you, the adoptive parents, and submitted directly to the Office of Guardianship and Care.  If you would be interested in participating, please send a report to the Office of Guardianship and Care by November 15 no matter when your next post-placement report is due and whether or not you have ever submitted one.  This will show both your support for the program, and also allow the Kazakhstan authorities to see the quality and quantity of reports they can expect to receive from us.  If the program is successful, the Kazakhstan authorities will consider making the program permanent, expanding it to include more reports now prepared by social workers, and/or extending this to other regions of Kazakhstan.  If you can't send a report by November 15, please send it whenever you can to show your support of the idea.  Reports from other regions are also welcome as a show of support but Pavlodar is definitely the focus at the moment.  
Below is the first draft of the form with the standard information the Office of Guardianship and Care is interested in knowing about your child.  Some of you will recognize it has borrowed heavily from the same form used in Ukraine where parents are already filling out post-placement reports.  The Office of Guardianship and Care would be most grateful for any details you can provide regarding the adopted child's (children's) living conditions and development and pictures of your family.  It is in A4 format (narrower and wider than our 8 1/2 x 11 page) to facilitate copying in Kazakhstan.  Feel free to add additional information or pages as all information about your child will be most welcome. 
Now, how to get the report to Kazakhstan?  The preferred choice would have been to send it directly to the Office of Guardianship and Care, but it is thought that this may not work because 1) the mail system does not work well and 2) the reports of a pilot program may not be properly registered in the Office of Guardianship and Care and thus they will likely get "lost."  Therefore, please either mail (preferably by registered mail) or email (with a digital signature and pictures attached) the document to Yakov Dvoretsky, a well-known attorney and facilitator in Pavlodar who brought the original suit to allow international adoptions from Kazakhstan and who is interested in helping us streamline the post-placement reports.  His Pavlodar office will ensure that your report is given to the appropriate officials and translated if necessary (whether or not you adopted through him).  His Utah office will forward it to Pavlodar if you prefer to send the document domestically.  Use either one of the following addresses:

Pavlodar office:  Yakov Dvoretskiy & Svetlana Belogur
                            Attorneys At Law.
                            Estaya Street, 56/2,
                            Pavlodar, Kazakhstan,
                            e-mail: yakov@focusonchildren.com

Utah office:        Focus On Children
                            65 East 600 North,
                            Wellsville, UT, 84339.
                            e-mail: scott@focusonchildren.com

This is a chance for all of us to help improve a process in a way that not only helps us and our kids, but those that follow also.  Thank you for your time and consideration of this request, and please let other adoptive parents know, too.

Kathryn Kelly, adoptive parent

To print the following form separately, click here


Please fill in, print out, and mail or email.  Actual or digital signatures required.  Please include 5-8 recent photos of your child with this report.  Include a photocopy of any recent school, medical, therapist or psychological reports.


Child's name(s) after adoption:
Child's name(s) before adoption:

Date of birth:

Date of adoption:

Child's place of birth:

Adoptive parents name(s) and address:

  Phone / Fax /E-mail:                   


Date of last medical exam: ______/______/______ (Month/Day/Year)
Height: _________________________
Weight: _________________________
Result of general check-up (major illnesses and hospitalizations):


Personality Development:

New Accomplishments / Achievements:


Diet, Eating Habits, Sleep, Napping Patterns:

Likes and Dislikes:


Interaction with Immediate Family:

Acceptance by Extended Family:


Adoptive father's signature ________________ Date (month/day/year): __/__/2004
Adoptive mother's signature________________ Date (month/day/year): __/__/2004

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