From Lake Tahoe to Pavlodar, and back again!
I traveled to Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, in April and May, 2003, to adopt my six-year-old son, Nikolay!  (Click on the Kaz flag above to see a map of Kazakhstan.)  My personal websister, Nikolay's aunt Lynne, created this page to record the adventure for both Nikolay as well as other families similarly fortunate to adopt a wonderful child from Kazakhstan.  As trips to Kazakhstan go, this one went about as well as it possibly could have; we were home 22 days after leaving the US.   

Click on the open book below for a diary of the trip.  If you happen to be planning a similar trip, check back soon for a peek in the see what I brought (and what I wish I had brought).  My itinerary can be found by clicking on the American flag above.

Who in the world is Nikolay?
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What I Packed
Travel Journal
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